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Typesetting and desktop publishing in Syriac

Under the guidance of the pioneer of Syriac computing George Kiraz, we have designed three families of Syriac typefaces:

  1. The Serto family (also known as Jacobite or Syrian Monophysite)
  2. The Estrangelo family (known as the "Gospel letters")
  3. The Eastern family (also known as Nestorian or Chaldean).

In each case we offer typesetting of Syriac or Arabic language in Syriac script. Arabic typeset in Syriac script is called "Garshuni".

The Serto family

These letters are probably the most elegant ones and have the most esthetic ligatures. Here is a sample in Garshuni, using Serto letters:

the Estrangelo family

These letters are the most widespread. They are simpler than Serto. Here is a sample in Garshuni, using Estrangelo letters:

the Eastern letters

These letters are bolder than the others and give the impression of being heavy and serious. Here is a sample in Garshuni, using Eastern letters:


We offer five kind of vowels:

  1. Greek vowels (like in the samples above).
  2. Eastern vowels (dots).
  3. Early Eastern vowels (simpler dots).
  4. Jacob of Edessa vowels (see next section).
  5. Arabic vowels (for Garshuni).

The four first kinds of vowels can be combined in the same word.

Besides vowels we offer all necessary diacritical marks (seyame, qushoyo, rukakha, etc.)

Jacob of Edessa vowels

Contrarily to all other types of vowels which all take the form of diacritical marks (placed above or below letters) Jacob of Edessa vowels are independent letters, as can be seen in the following sample, written in Estrangelo:

For additional information on our Syriac typesetting and desktop publishing service, please read this article.